snowdonia/beddgelert the champ dog

September 8, 2009 at 10:12 am | Posted in wales | Leave a comment

Hudson got me excited again – this time about a national park called Snowdonia. We had planned to drive then hike up Snowden, the highest mountain in Wales. Too bad is was pouring raining the entire time.

There was an ice cream truck halfway up the mountain. We felt bad for the poor ice cream man since it was shitting it down and freezing so we bought an ice cream. eating an ice cream in the rain is not the most fun thing, but the ice cream man was super chipper and said that it rains all the time and doesn’t really affect his business – who knew there were so many sympathy ice cream eaters out there??


Gelert dog, champ dog


The story goes………………

There was once a Welsh prince called Llywelyn the Great, and he was given a present by King John: Gelert the champ dog. One day, Llywelyn returned from a hunting trip to find his baby’s cradle overturned, the baby missing and the dog with blood around its mouth. Llywelyn, without a second thought, drew his sword and killed the dog. He then hears the cries of his baby which he finds, unharmed under the cradle next to a dead wolf which had been killed by Gelert. Llywelyn is overcome with remorse from what he has done and buries the dog in a great ceremony. After that day, Prince Llwelyn never smiled again.



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