surprise day: part 2

September 8, 2009 at 11:05 am | Posted in england | Leave a comment

cadbury world
cadbury world… a cross between a chocolate factory and amusement park. this place was amazing if you like chocolate. we tried in vain to find anyone there without a child in tow. the exhibits and stuff were childish, but the factory and advertising section were actually interesting. cadbury’s done some great advertising over the years (their gorilla playing the drums was showcased – it won loads of awards last year).

Hudson wanted to ask a bunch of the fatties around to line up in front of the cadbury sign so he could get a hilarious pick. so mean. however, there was this one chubby little kid with his face glued to window of the factory. he was practically licking the glass – it was straight out of willy wonka and we were sad that no photos were allowed in the factory.. the photo below is the only chocolate fatty he could find that would pose.
we got loads and loads of free samples. I kept wondering how all the little kids weren’t puking. hudson even got a stomach-ache after attempting to eat a cup of liquid goo milk chocolate covered with jelly babies.

the minx loves chocolate so we bought her loads at the shop and shipped it over to the states.

there was a station to play around with gooey chocolate. the guy said that they reuse the chocolate for about a month. so sick and germy. i hope little kids don’t try to snag any of this disgusting goo…


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