Camps Bay – Cape Town

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So, we set off for Cape Town, South Africa. We had rented a place in Camps Bay which is a posh area of Cape Town. After driving from the airport through miles of townships (the slums), it was quite a shock to see million dollar houses – probably the reason for the high crime rate which South Africa is famous for.

On one side of our apartment is the Atlantic Ocean, on the other side, Table Mountain. We were also lucky enough to have a landlord (Mark) who was willing to entertain us with his antics.
(I-kelly- am inserting here. mark is f-ing crazy. he got me obsessed with kloofing(more later) and sends us crazy emails about genital leeches and haunted forests. after staying a few places in south africa, i’m beginning to see a pattern: everyone who owns a little hotel/b&b is like an ADD child given loads of candy and crack. but in a good way. if you can picture it. i think it’s a south african thing.) 

After a long overnight flight, Kelly decided to try out one of the many hammocks which our apartment had. (Mark owns a hammock making business).

(kelly: our flight was soo long. definitely had to pass out in this hammock the moment i saw it).

The beach with Table mountain in the background.


Our first day in South Africa was completed with one of the local beers.

view from one of the decks above the pool at our place.


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