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just general info about our place and camps bay…

We’re staying in Camps Bay, a beach (suburb I guess you’d call it) of Cape Town. We stayed about 2 weeks and are now on the Safari road trip. Camps Bay is amazing and a lot nicer place to stay than Cape Town. Most of Cape Town is the city center (downtown) and is really busy – fun to visit for the day, but not really safe or as nearly as pictureesque as Camps Bay. We’re staying at an apt that’s one of three called Camps Bay Glen. The owner, Mark is crazy in a good way and the place is awesome. It’s two rooms (bedroom and a kitchen with a day bed in it) and bathroom. We have our own balcony with seating and a hammock and then three levels of decks and a pool. Mark’s other job is a hammock maker so there are loads of hammocks all over the place – a couple overhanging the pool, which are funny for clumsy people.

Mark also lets us use the biggest of the apts when it hasn’t been rented – it has an awesome outdoor bath and outdoor shower – you can see the ocean while you’re sudsing away in your bath. I guess staying on the waterfront could be cool (this is a busy area and where you depart for Robben Island), but Camps Bay is better. It’s a short walk to the beach (10-15) and to Table Mountain (15-20). There are bars, shops, restaurants and groceries nearby as well and you can run or walk along the ocean drive.

the waterfront. oh, there is a superfun drawbridge here.

The main beach of Camps Bay is really nice except for annoying locals trying to sell you worthless shit. While I ignore them mostly, Hudson likes to claim he has no money, but maybe next time he’ll get something – always leading them on, what a tease. We walked along the CapeTown/Sea Point beaches and they seemed pretty nice, but not as picturesque and for the most part had concrete boardwalks. Sea Point beach also featured a sketchy pool area that looked fun, but also like you could potentially catch something. Camps Bay beach has a rock pool that looked like it’d be fun to splash around in during the summer. There are also two little beaches a bit south of Camps Bay. They are tiny and look private, but actually aren’t. The one we liked was called Little Beach – it was protected from the wind and had really pretty shells; also hardly anyone else was there.


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