Cape Point

October 28, 2009 at 12:44 pm | Posted in south africa | Leave a comment


We decided to hire a car and take a trip to Cape point. Our car was a classic Volkswagen Citi otherwise known as a big pile of turd. These cars are all over the place. They are a really really old model of the golf, and are only produced in south africa.

kelly: We (I) named the car Penpal and Penpal was a total champ. The speaker (there wasn’t actually a sound system) on the shotgun side conveniently popped out to create a clever hiding place for valuables. Penpal also came with her own “club” (remember those infomercials?); sadly the club didn’t actually work and was more for intimidation/steering wheel odornment.


Looked like a happening place so thought we’d stop.

kelly: this bar was happening. wtf was it not written up in lonely planet?


Cape point



ostrich rides seemed fun but they didn’t seem keen


Always a danger on south african roads.

kelly: seeing those big old ostriches up close was pretty amazing. I still had a terrible cold, but felt much better after seeing the ostriches. good enough to climb a bunch of rocks and crazy paths. the views were so good. we also saw some crazy little animals (see pic below) that we later figured out are bush pigs. they were stuffing their greedy faces.


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