Shark dive – Gansbaai

October 28, 2009 at 12:43 pm | Posted in south africa | 1 Comment

The southern coast of South Africa is a hub for the Great White Shark. We had already received numerous warnings about swimming in the ocean. So after I hummed the tune to Jaws for an hour or two, Kelly agreed to go on a shark cage dive. hudson took great pics – check them out – especially the ones under water when we were getting bashed around in the cage.

We set off to Gansbaai at 4:15 a.m, this is the closest point to Dyer Island which is famous for ‘shark alley’. We had been warned that the waters might be quite rough, but that was an understatement. After being anchored for 5 minutes, the puking began. Kelly is definitely not set out for a career in the navy. I think i counted 15 pukes by the first hour.

After about 90 minutes, the aroma of mashed up tuna guts attracted our first shark. It was then time to get into the cage. Five of us were crammed into a cage and we were given instructions not to put our hands through the cage to pet the shark, this was good advice.

kelly: luring the sharks with giant chunks of tuna seemed a bit contrived, but seeing the sharks was well worth all the seasickness and freezing water (you were right huddy). Seeing the sharks swim towards you from the murky background was eerie. Their eyes are so cold and their mouths are so big.

To see the shark swimming around from an underwater perspective, coming towards the cage, mouth wide open was a cool highlight.

kelly: At one point, a shark swam straight for the cage and jostled the bars with it’s huge jaws. That was my favorite part. Another highlight was throwing up on a really big sting ray. If I hadn’t been flinging myself over the boat to get sick, I would have never glimsed the ginormous ray. I also think I should mention that others became seasick, including Hudson who puked on four germans.


Proud memorabilia.


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  1. OMG i am soooo glad i was not there I would have panicked if i had seen all that throw up, but glad kelly saw the sting ray Josh I’m sure u did not really throw up Seeing the sharks seems like a “must do” though I really enjoyed the pixs

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