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I really liked Knysna; it’s a small beach town with a cool little harbor area. We stayed at this amazing b&b, Inyathi. The first night we got there, we sat around in the garden and heard the owner, Rheon, talked some crazy shit. Our room was geat and included an awesome freestanding bath as well as a weird area that seemed like a lizard’s den (minus lizard). It also included an African chair put awkwardly in the corner: the naughty boy’s chair.



nice garden


the knysna beach was really nice. would have been better if the water wasn’t quite so cold though.
hudson: I challenged kelly to do something awkward: she had no problems and then spent the next hour talking about her glory days as a junior gymnast champion and also told me that she beat keri strug in a competition once.
kelly: a blatant lie. except the bit about being awkward.


Braii: How South African’s grill. The owners of the b&b we stayed at had a big braii one night. Besides other guests, the owners had invited some local pals over. After getting some hair advice from one girl, I found out this other guy is a chef at one of the super posh restaurants on nearby Thesen Island. As everyone had brought a load of interesting and delicious meat, this was really good news. Earlier in the day we had picked up some ostrich, springbok kebabs and kudu (kind of like african wild deer, but with more impressive antlers) from a local butchery. the butchery was fun, but convincing this chef to cook our meat was even more fun. he got really into it and prepared a total feast.


It was a total meat-a-palooza. I honestly felt drunk on meat (but it could have been the wine I drank during the 3 hours of hanging out around the fire pit, waiting for it to become cool enough to cook on). With braiing, the food is cooked over a wood fire and part of the fun is gathering around the fire.


The Heads is an area that leads into the lagoon. There are some good walks and vantage points of the crashing water and nature reserve.



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  1. The prison stories were fascinating – hiding messages in tennis balls. I am learning a lot from this trip Thanks so much for the blog

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