Addo elephant park

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We couldn’t visit South Africa without seeing some animals so an 8 hour drive across the southern coast culminated with us visiting one of South Africa’s national parks. There were plenty of private game reserves closer, but they sounded like glorified zoos where the animals are tracked and tagged(and poked and harrassed into running out of hiding spots). We both wanted a more authentic feel even if it meant seeing no animals.


Our accommodation was something different: a tent on stilts with a balcony overlooking the park. There was a lot of howling going on, a few roars and some random elephant noises to help with our sleep.
kelly: i tried to do some howling back, which didn’t seem to fool the animals. our permanent tent was actually really nice and had the awesome view of being able to see the animals as if the reserve was our private backyard.


Lions were difficult to spot, but their victims weren’t.
kelly: i was ill (again, i guess my immune system is shit when traveling) and had just been sick out the car in front of an elephant when hudson pulled over and forced me to take a pic of this rotting carcass. lovely. we also found some zebra carcasses which were strangely beautiful and i was seriously tempted to snag a spiral antler of a kudu’s skull.


 water buffalo – south africa’s official animal





Leopard tortoise



Good old dung beetle”
kelly: these beetles liked to hang out on the dirt roads (because that’s where the elephants liked to poo) and there were signs everywhere saying that beetles had the right of way. we had to slam on the brakes for this little guy.


Kudu – not bad when made into a sausage, with a bit of brown sauce
kelly: agreed, but look at the pretty pretty antlers.


kelly: elephants and other critters loved to walk on the roads (i guess it’s easier than bumbling through the bush?). i thought one elephant was going to stick his trunk through our window. we turned one corner and saw an ostrich out for a jog right in front of us – he looked so goofy.


vervet monkies – these guys live off fruit and were constantly snacking although I couldn’t see any fruit so they must be very crafty.


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