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We had heard a few stories prior to arriving in Johannesburg, but we thought they had been grossly exaggerated. one of my favourites (from a random dutch guy who had heard it from one of his friend’s cousins was that carjackings were so rife that you shouldn’s stop at red lights. To combat this the car companies had designed flamethrowers on the side of their cars to fry any would-be thieves. Hertz didnt have any at the time of writing,

As soon as we got to Johannesburg, we went for a walk to the shops and were immediately told to go back to our hostel by some people in the shops as there was a serious danger in us getting mugged at gunpoint. Needless to say, we went back. We had been keen on taking a tour through Soweto (south Africa’s biggest township being home to approximately one million people), but we had been told that this wasnt a good idea.

we cant really give a fair interpretation of Johannnesburg as we didnt explore very much, but from our limited knowledge it did indeed seem like a shithole.


South African money – we were scared to leave the hostel with any


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  1. Thank goodness you survived j’burg and the puffer. Whale pictures are amazing. Enjoying the updates

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