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After South Africa, we spent some time on Mauritius, an island to the east of Madagascar. For the first few days we stayed on a beach called flic-n-flac, which is popular with the locals.  i had never seen pine trees so close to the beach; as the sand began to end there were great pines where locals set up hammocks and even tents and chilled when the sun got too hot. 

hudson: Sundays in mauritius seemed to be the best day. This is the day where the locals hit the beach with the whole family, a crate of beers, loads of food and general idea of just having fun. It was enjoyable to see.



On one of our first days we discovered the most delicious food on Mauritius: mini pineapples. we saw them in the grocery and couldn’t figure out how anyone could really eat them. the locals cut them up in this crazy way and created pineapple lollies. they were so tasty and we were obsessed with them. luckily they were sold all over the island and beach.

hudson: Without doubt, my favourite thing about mauritius was the pineapples. i was fascinated with the way (i had to be a complete tourist and video someone doing it) they cut them as whenever ive cut a pineapple, ive completely ballsed it up and left myself with about three chunks. After studying the video, i tried it myself- the pineapple was thrown away.


 mauritius is well known as a resort island, but I didn’t really like the way it was set up. all the resorts were completely closed off and had nothing to do with the island. the rest of the island was a bit poor and there wasn’t that much on offer for visitors who didn’t want to stay in a resort. we had two crazy adventures with finding places to stay. the first place we stayed was nice except the guy was a bullshitter and things kept going wrong – think the movie the money pit. the next place we stayed was nice but weird. a huge pool hall/bar was attached and the owners gave us free beers. it was all great (although it seemed like a cover for something suspect) until we found out the housekeeper was stealing my knickers. buy me a beer and i’ll tell you the full story.

hudson: before anyone says anything, it wasnt me stealing kelly’s knickers


We haggled with this guy and ended up going on a ride in his boat. there were some cool reefs that we snorkeled around that were  filled with fish and the hugest oysters. actually, hudson just said they are the biggest in the world. they were big and opened and closed like giant, awkward mouths.


these swings look a lot more fun than they really were. oh yeah, and everyone just left their little boats tied up floating around the water. it was very beautiful in a simple kind of way. the whole island was like that: rustic but very pretty. everywhere the water was so calm – hardly any waves at all. 



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  1. Love kelly’s bathing suit. Hudson you have to go back and stay until you learn to cut a pineapple like that.

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