Blue Mountains, Katoomba

November 22, 2009 at 7:55 am | Posted in Australia | 2 Comments

A day trip to the blue mountains just outside of Sydney. Our fieldtrip of fun with Scott started with a tasty brekky overlooking the mountains.



The three sisters: the legend is that they represent 3 aboriginal sisters who were turned to stone by their witch doctor father using his magic bone, to protect them from a Bunyip (a scary monster). He was then chased by the bunyip and turned himself into a lyre bird, but in the process he lost his bone, so he could not turn anyone back into their original form. The legend says that he is still searching……….
kelly: i like legends.


a walk through the kaoomba forest. there was random coal-mining debris left where they had last been used. kind of creepy, but it was a lot cooler than looking at the stuff in a museum or something. there was a mineshaft that was still open a bit so you could poke your head in; the air was freezing inside.


Worlds steepest train. Before it wasconverted to a tourist attraction it was used to transport coal up and down the mountain.
this train was pretty fun, but there was an awesome roller coaster track going all through the forest and coal mining refuge. it looked so so fun, but the idiots who built the track forgot to okay it with the government. such a waste.


After a killer of a walk, we ended up at the base of a waterfall. It was really cold but nice to chill out under.


yeah, this water was so cold it hurt. hudson jumped under the waterfall and I don’t know how he didn’t get knocked down.

bloody freezing

we stopped off at a chocolate cafe for some treats. brownie to the face.


sitting in front of palm beach. we actually drove on that thin strip to get to the soap opera beach. thanks for showing us around Scott.



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  1. I love the kaoomba forest and the 3 sister legend. That chocolate looks mighty good. The waterfall is beautiful, too bad it was so cold. These posts are the best yet.

  2. Hahaha,

    I’ve only made it this far into your blog (began from the chronological beginning), and you two are fing hilarious. Loving it.

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