Sydney – part 1

November 22, 2009 at 7:13 am | Posted in Australia | Leave a comment

We spent 2 weeks in sydney, touring round the city, beaching it up, going to the opera house, trying aussie beers at the beerfest and pratting around.

I thought sydney was pretty amazing. the city reminded me a lot of new york, except sydney has such a great harbour and is a lot greener. also, sydney seems a lot more enviromental without being forced and fake.

The architecture of the opera house was cool because it looked amazing from every angle. we decided to go to a show and see the inside. the show was okay – an all-women version of Taming of the Shrew with karaoke. i think seeing an opera would also be amazing.

hudson: nice hint 


The harbour bridge


Staying in Sydney is kind of like being in nyc – very expensive. In an attempt to stay within our budget, we tried out a few different hostels, each one with its own particularities or as lonely planet would put it,
“a lot of character.” This included everything from a reading lamp chained to the wall to a girl dressed as a boy that stole our cheese. one of my ultimate faves was some wasters that rummaged through our garbage searching for latenight snacks.


I took kelly to the beach where home and away is filmed (an aussie soap that heath ledger, danni minogue, isla fisher and guy pearce all made pre-hollywood appearances in). She wasnt impressed, until i made her watch it and she loved it.
kelly – aussie soaps aren’t crap like american ones. but going to that beach still wasn’t very cool.


this gross pic is for the didgerydoo being played in the background. when played correctly, they sound weird.



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