Banks peninsula

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the east coast has an abundance of seal colonies on the east coast. kelly was desperate to stop and pet them. i’ll admit, they’re pretty cute when they’re young but they absolutely reek. we got quite close but the big fat ones had a pretty intimidating growl.

these fatties really stunk. i don’t know how they can stand hanging around their own nasty stench all day.

the banks peninsula was formed by two volcanic eruptions.  The middle of the harbour is the original crater.

the place we stayed was a great little cottage just outside akaroa. Akaroa is a lovely little town to walk around. As we found out, all of NZ is pretty much lovely little towns, but Akaroa was one of my faves.

view from the top of one of the many mountains around akaroa. New Zealand isn’t very populated, so most of the time we were the only ones around. there were so many mountains and pretty lakes; it made for great scenery and crazy driving.

the water was freezing but we had fun jumping off the pier. the lakes were also an amazing shade of blue – the deep azure color doesn’t really come across in the photos.

new zealand is full of sheep, about ten times as many sheep as people. kelly loved the lambs and is desperate for me to get her one for xmas


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