Milford Sound – Te Anau

December 6, 2009 at 1:35 am | Posted in New Zealand | Leave a comment

Milford sound is a fjord on the south west coast of new zealand and is the biggest tourist destination in the country. We stayed in Te Anau, which is where all tours start to Milford. We then began the spectacular 80 mile drive to Milford Sound. It rains about 7 metres a year, so there were hundreds of waterfalls to see as well as snow everywhere.    

It was raining when we went, which is actually a good thing because the water falls and rapids are really strong during rainfall.

the water falls and rapids looked like so much fun; water park designers should go to NZ for inspiration. Unfortunately the rapids and falls are too strong even for expert rafters.

because of the snow on the mountains, the weather was crazy. being fiarly warm when we started, Hudson wore shorts, but as soon as we got near the falls or snow, the temperature dropped dramatically.

Flip flops and shorts were not the ideal clothing for the trip

After the drive, there is a ferry journey into the sound. Due to both our recent experiences on boats and the dodgy weather, we weren’t brave enough to jump aboard. The drive itself still had some fantastic scenery.

swinging bridges sound like they are going to be so much fun. but really they are just normal bridges that sway a little. at least they look cool.


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