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New zealand is full of little towns so it was nice to get to auckland – new zealand’s biggest city by far. Auckland had a lot of cool bars, cool little areas and nice parks to chill out in. it reminded me of sydney.

ah, i guess it reminded me a little of sydney, but a bit more accessable. and the hostel we stayed in was a lot nicer than any sydney crap hostel. besides that, there’s not that much to say. i went to a few of the best NZ fashion designer’s store and wasn’t very inspired. I think you go to NZ for the amazing landscapes and nature-y stuff, not for the city life.

the sky tower

auckland did have some really cool parks, would have been a dream as a child. yeah, there playgrounds were awesome. i couldn’t resist trying out this huge zipline, even though my bum almost dragged on the ground.

this giant blue face is from the auckland national art gallery. the gallery was nice, but small. this enormous head was one of my favorites (if that’s any indication about the gallery) and is a modern maori painting.

we stayed in a crazy motel for a couple of nights. the owner created one-of-a-kind rooms out of a plane, train and ship. he’d also made a hobbit home (new zealand really exploits the fact that the lord of the rings films were made there) The front of the plane was booked so we made do with the tail of the plane.

my everlasting impression of new zealand.

I had been looking for some friendly sheep and finally found some little cuddlers who could be wooed with clover. I also had some delicious lamb when hudson took me out to one of the best restaurants in Auckland.


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  1. I love the airplane hotel, cooking in the ground, mud baths (but glad you guys didn’t pay a $100 for one) and the little statues. The sheep was cute too, but I didn’t know kelly had a thing for sheep – I thought it was just goats.

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