Coromandel Peninsula

December 8, 2009 at 11:45 am | Posted in New Zealand | 1 Comment

New zealand’s best beaches are generally on the cormomandel peninsula. So, we decided to have 5 days relaxing in a nice beach town, Tairua.

we stayed at this great guest house. the owner had a garden in the back and fed us fresh rasberries and veg. and he had a fat cat. the town was tiny, and although it only had a shit grocery (called 4 square, the worst grocery ever and best indicator we’d hit a tiny town), Tairua did have an excellent icecream place. it served homemade icecream on waffles and crepes. i wish i was eating one right now.

It hadn’t been all that hot in new zealand so we were both surprised to get a little sunburnt.

weird rock.

We went to a  beach called cathedral cove. It was an insane walk to get there, but the cove was beautiful: there were caves and a natural bridge as well as as cliffs and a waterfall. the cliff below is crazy with those trees hanging off it.

Some of the caves were about 100 feet out in the water. The water was absolutely freezing, but after kelly gave me a bit of stick i had to man up and explore. even i (kelly) manned up enough to swim (wade) out to one of the caves (below).

hot water beach – 2 hours either side of low tide you can dig your own spa pool. hot water escapes from two fissures to the surface.

i was so surprised that just inches into the sand it was so hot. some places could actually burn you. playing around in the hot water and sand was fun, but it was hard to get the pools very deep. well, it looked hard. i didn’t do much digging.

we walked by this bridge and a bunch of kids were jumping off so hudson joined in. the kids were actually there as a fieldtrip. the teachers were in the water too. not very educational, but super fun.


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  1. Hey guys, great blog and pics, you really can’t imagine how jealous I am sitting at a desk in Brixton! I lived over in Sydney for a while (totally agree about the vile hostels) and travelled NZ too so it’s nice to escape there from time to time, if only in my mind!

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