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Queenstown is a town built up around a beautiful lake and mountains, and is located in central-ish south island. queenstown was my favorite city in new zealand because of the scenery and just because the town itself is cool. it’s very modern for NZ and has a quirky vibe, kind of like asheville, NC.

queenstown is also the capital of extreme sports; we didn’t get too extreme though, sticking mostly to swimming, mountain hiking, luging and climbing. we did go to the first bungee jump site ever, but the steep price just didn’t seem worth the jump.

the views were so beautiful in all directions, and the drives were swervy and fun. there were lots of nice places to stay; i finally managed to haggle one chalet place down into our budget. the view from our private deck was amazing.

this shot below is from the top of the main mountain in queenstown. we hiked up this monster and it was quite a bitch. i think most people definitely take the lift, because the path to the top wasn’t really market at all.

it looks like we’re about to do something cool, but really we’re about to go luging. at the bottom of the mountain i thought luging meant Cool Runnings  style, but i was mistaken.

still is was fun and the hard course made me scream a couple times.

on the way down the mountain, we decided to bush-whack it. i thought i found a path, but really it was just a thick mass of trees. hudson was falling all over the place and seemed kind of annoyed until we came across this random treehouse.

there were a couple ropes hanging down from this 75ft high treehouse with crazy stairs that led nowhere. hudson actually managed to climg nearly to the top. what a hero.

hiking, the free extreme sport

this is a shack; hudson can elaborate about it’s rich history b/c i don’t remember specifics.

Arrowhead is a small town, just outside queenstown. In the 19th century it was a big goldmining hub. Alot of chinese people came over to mine the gold. The general plan of these people was to work hard and save up for 5 years then return home to buy a farm.

An old chinese settlement


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