Rotorua and around

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Huka falls. this water fall was so powerful; i just wanted to jump right in.

The hastings farmers market – loads of chillis/fruits and cheeses to try. Tried some wheatgrass after the lady told me it would make me feel like a king. Didnt quite feel like that. Kelly told me its great for hangovers.

totem poles are so cool.

Rotorua museum – an interesting insight into the history of rotorua. There used to be some amazing terrraces (pink and white), which were filled with hot water. this was before a volcano erupted in 1886. People came from all over the world to see these terraces and maori people started a tourism industry to help themselves out. They would charge an entrance fee and a boat fee. 

i agree with hudson, there was some interesting history here. then we went into the basement, where the old spas are and where people came “to take the cure.” the whole thing was very creepy. (creepy bath below).

The museum used to be a rehabilitation centre. The hot water was funnelled into the baths for the people to bathe. They were also able to have mud baths here. These sketchy baths were in the basement, would have been a perfect setting for a horror movie.

this museum was cool in that you could fumble around in the unfinished basement and then climb up onto the roof. hardhats were provided. great views from the roof. you can notice hudson soaking in all the history for later blogging purposes.


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