West coast south island

December 8, 2009 at 11:03 am | Posted in New Zealand | 1 Comment

At one point Kelly seemed so in awe of the views that she shouted at me to pull over at the side of beautiful lake wanaka. It didnt take long to realise the real reason she wanted me to pull over.

it’s true. i love ponies. and i never pee on the side of the road if that’s what your dirty mind was thinking.

Kelly loves her ponies as i’d already found out after numerous petting experiences. She decided to give the ponies a treat and sacrificed half a bag of cookies to make the ponies happy. they really chomped them down.

random rock sculptures that went on for about a km or so.

New Zealand’s west coast is home to two massive glaciers: fox and franz josef. You can climb on the glaciers but we left our crampons at home.

Fox glacier – used to be a lot bigger

we got close to the glacier and you could actually see it melting and hear the ice cracking. the melting drops sounded like continuous rain coming off the glacier’s edges.

yeah, hudson wouldn’t let me climb up the glaciers and i was pretty bummed. but then i climed up to one – you really could hear the thing cracking every few minutes and a giant chunk fell of nearby. also,the water melting off the glacier sounded like constant rain, that’s how fast the poor glacier was melting.

Franz josef glacier

Hokitika is the home of the new zealand green stone aka jade. i really wanted a jade necklace, but after going to loads of jewelry stores everything looked the same. a few stores have on-site jewellers which was cool to see. i bought some stones from one of these places and the guy let me go back and use the equipment to polish up my stones. i thought it was pretty special, but the jewellers are able to do all sorts of intricate carvings. wouldn’t it be fun to be a jeweller?

Punakaiki is visited frequently by tourists en route to picton. It is famous for its pancake rocks. i (kelly) thought the rocks were really going to look like stacks of pancakes. lonely planey lied. the rock formations were amazing even if not tasty looking.

the rocks and cliffs created huge whirl pools below. actually, the water in the pools carved out the cliffs and rocks. anyways, the water looked so much fun, but you would definitely get crushed to deah against the rocks if you jumped in. boo.


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  1. I am probably commenting too much, but you all are doing such a good job. I am so happy Kelly got to see some ponies and I am so grateful Josh had enough sense to stay off the glaciers. The jade rocks are so cool, can’t wait to see them, but my favorite is the pancake rocks. I have never seen anything like that, they are beautiful.

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