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After touring round new zealand for 6 weeks, we headed back to australia and the first port of call was brisbane.

Brisbane’s very own version of the london eye

brisbane has some great parks and was lovely to walk around. we stayed at a hotel that was a pretty house with a huge verandah – very nice and worth the 15 min walk to the heart of the city.

the main shopping street in brisbane

kelly’s effort of making a plane from trash at the art gallery. Loads of school kids were in on this day and i think that kelly’s design was by far the best – well done kelly.
my plane wasn’t cool, but the exhibition was:

Relaxing by the river. After lying there for about half an hour i felt this pain on my leg. I was sure i had just been bitten by a spider. kelly, being her usual sympathetic self told me to stop being a big girl. kelly then felt the same pain and was convinced that we should call the paramedics as she was dying. Well, it turned out to be bulldog ants, who have the ability to give a violent sting.
kelly: paramedics not neccessary, but my sting did look a lot nastier than hudson’s.

one of my favorite parts of brisbane is the man-made beach in the middle of the city. it sounded horribly cheesy, so we had to check it out. surprisingly, the beach was really nice and perfect after walking around the city all day. we hadn’t expected much, so hudson had to run all the way back to the hotel to get our swimsuits, but i think it was definitely worth the run. the water was more like a pool, but with a sandy bottom and was built right by a canal. Don’t you always want to jump in a canal when you pass it on a hot day? the beach couldn’t have been in a better spot.


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  1. I laughed my head off when I read the ant story. That is sooooo Kelly!

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