Gold Coast

January 4, 2010 at 6:33 am | Posted in Australia | 1 Comment

After Brisbane we bused it to the Gold Coast – miles and miles of the world’s most beautiful beaches between sydney and brisbane. our first stop was the infamous Byron Bay. Byron Bay was a mix of old-school beach town and tacky stores/crazy bars. It was definitely great to see, but as you might imagine, this beach attracts loads of backpackers. even though we are travelling with backpacks, i’ve got to make a distinction between us and the scrubby, grotty kids that make hostels nasty.

although the main byron bay beach was what you expect (big, beautiful, but totally cramped and cheesy), we found a beautiful beach near our hostel that was basically empty and so lovely. it went on for miles and you had to access it through a 10 minutes sandy forest walk.

after seeing such an iconic beach town, we hopped over to a quieter town – Palm Beach.

the “resort” we stayed in was amazing, especially after hostel life. the pool was beautiful and there was a lake out back. the beach of palm beach was really nice – a wide beach with a mix of hotels and beachhouses. there was also a pretty estuary, although we spent most of our time at the pool – it was so nice to stay in one place for a week.

I loved getting the birds all riled up with snacks.


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  1. my heart started racing when I saw the beach pictures. It looks so beautiful there I even came out of the winter doldrums a bit and felt a little less depressed. I think I will look at them everyday. I probably would become one of those scruffy backpackers who are dirty and steal food just so I could stay there.

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