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We flew into Melbourne from the Gold Coast on a hot, hot day. Melbourne is an amazing city. It is very walkable and the trams are a novel way to get around.

the city was full of beautiful architecture and hidden lanes and arcades. It took me an entire afternoon of wandering around to find all of the  concealed fashion boutiques and galleries that I had read about. The layout of the city was fun to figure out and I felt at ease after just a couple days.

The MCG (melbourne cricket ground) was home to the very first test match. this huge stadium holds 100,000 people and plays host to aussie rules football matches and cricket matches.

Melbourne has some amazing markets. the day markets are huge and full of rows upon rows of fresh produce. We bought some fruit and had to take it straight to the face. Although we went to several markets, the Queen Victoria was definitely the best.

We also headed there our first night in Melbourne for the Queen Victoria night market. this market was a bit  upscale and very green feeling; the best part was the food. i had the best fish sandwich i’ve ever eaten from a carribean foodstand.

we were really excited about st. kilda’s, but it turned out to be a bust.

hudson was dying to go to the television and film museum. the history of film exhibit was fun – i found my long-lost pal Mario on original nintendo.

Whilst i was absorbing all the intellectual side of the history of film and televisin, kelly was busying herself by finding secret blocks full of mushrooms and flowers on mario, she was also very proud by the fact that she remembered where all of the secret tubes were.

Melbourne is very proud of its dingy bus station corner


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