Christmas on the farm – Adelaide

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the idea of spending christmas in some skanky hostel, eating kelly’s famous grilled cheeses sounded great so when some friends (bev and ross) invited us to spend christmas with them on their cherry farm around adelaide, i was grilled cheese-less. (kelly: this is an example of british humor that i dont really get).

the 10 hour overnight bus from melbourne to adelaide was a taster for travelling round asia.

Bev and ross.


nothing like heading straight for the cherry groves for some picking after an overnight busride! the bucket belt made me feel like a real professional.

good cherries – best in south australia. Was great to have our own supply of apples, pears and cherries to feast on. we even went to the farmer’s market to help sell the produce. hudson helped by eating the apples for free in front of customers.

my mom sent us a care package. bev wanted me to wait for christmas to open it(thinking it would be full of presents), but i couldn’t wait. we got amazing U.S. luxuries like conditioner, shampoo and undies. thanks mom!

Christmas eve in the local. A great night which ended with nasty shots around the kitchen table – bevs idea, yet she only had a couple, smart girl

last call on christmas eve

ross cooked us some lamb on the grill for our christmas dinner. we also had grilled prawns, summer salads and loads of chocolate. and cherries. a traditional australian christmas dinner, i guess. very tasty.

relaxing in the fields where loads of kangaroos hang out. the dog kept chasing them; she actually got close at one point but the kangaroo just hopped off

see the wild roos hiding in the forest?

the farmhouse

can you see the kangaroo? i can’t, but hudson can!

we had a great time on the farm. cheers bev for fattening us up before asia and for the 7 hour game of trivial pursuit. cheers ross for all the beers (at all times of the day) and giving us a cool farm experience. (kelly: and cheers bev for taking us to see the animals and for your great music selection. and cheers ross for schooling us on farm life and how to eat like real aussies).


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