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After a crazy new years eve in bondi, we set off for bangkok. nothing like an all-nighter before travelling on new year’s day – I think our excitement for bangkok was the only thing keeping us from passing out.

traffic in bangkok is horrendous, it just can’t handle the amount of taxis, tuk tuks, mopeds and cars on the road. There is a skytrain and subway but this doesnt access all of the city, so we had to take alot of taxis and tuk tuks (all really cheap though compared to western countries)

maybe the first person in thailand to think of doing this pose

Patpong is the main area for the sex industry in thailand; i didnt want to go but kelly was adamant. Sad really, lots of young thai girls outside bars whilst pervy men (mostly 40+) look around.
i wasn’t desperate to go, and when we go there was a little disappointed. this area is mostly touristy and has nothing on amsterdam’s red light district. maybe i’d feel differently if i had gotten a dirty massage or something???

good name for a bar

tuk-tuks. pretty fun ride.


i’d heard about crazy powerlines in asia and it’s true. i never realized they are so close to the ground, and many of them had trees and vines hanging all over the place.

China town was a mass of alleyways filled with market stalls. pretty much the size of a real town, this is the biggest chinatown i’ve seen yet. and why is it every city has a chinatown?

the market stalls in bangkok are a really cheap way to eat and try some local food. The only problem was that walking round the streets make you lose your appetite fast. Bangkok has an awful smell due to bad drains and loads of rubbish just lying around. totally unexpected, foodcourts(like in malls) are amazing in bangkok – they are basically just upscale markets, with everything from small foodstalls to western cafes (but with no gag-inducing smells). leave it to huddy to find a food in one of these nice markets so nasty that it did make us gag:

the CENTURY EGG – made by preserving duck, chicken or quail eggs in clay, ash, salt, lime and rice hull for around a hundred days. It looks disgusting, smells horrendous and the taste……………

think this sums it up. not just rotten, the egg looked, smelled and tasted like actual death. we felt pretty brave for trying it until we glanced at a table next to us while recovering with some sweet potato — everyone at the table was munching century eggs like they were fries, so nonchalantly. sick. i’ll never be able to aquire a taste for those wretched eggs.

some weird fruit. tasted like cucumber and banana with a rubbery consistency. not great, but gotta try it.

Chatuchuk weekend market was huge with thousands of stalls. Mainly crap was on offer but it was still fun. there was also a hightop gang – these little kids playing thai flute thingys and hopping around in their colorful converses.

after visiting patpong we snuck onto a hotel’s rooftop pool and restaurant to get some breeze and see the cityscape. very impressive and pretty at night. my first impression of bangkok is that it’s a huge mix. while bangkok seems to adopt western culture readily, it doesn’t lose the thai culture. there are bags of suid guts in black water being sold next to a mcdonalds and both places are equally busy. i expected more people to speak english, but we often resorted to gesturing. the cabbies may have been the worst, except for our one friend we spent two hours with when we got stuck in traffic. he loved practicing his english with us and we had to force him to take our money, but he was definitely a rarity. bangkok is a dirty city(think nasty smells, stray dogs galore and lady boys), but with lots going on and i think not too much of a culture shock. oh, the shopping is pretty amazing, not that i could afford it.


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