Ko pha ngan

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  After 4 days on phuket, we moved from the andaman coast to the gulf of thailand to visit ko pha ngan.

Our ghetto bus on the way from phuket. yeah, in addition to this amazing bus ride, our journey also involved a few tuktuks and a hour dirt trek through the jungle.

View from the ferry – a really relaxing journey where i managed to get some sleep. yeah the ferry was the best part of the journey. and kho phagnen was worth all the trouble.

Ko pha ngan is one of the three islands in the gulf of thailand. The island is famous for the full moon party which is every month. The island is less developed than the other islands in some places as the roads are unsealed.

yes, we stayed on the very undeveloped east coast and it was so beautiful. i’m glad it wasn’t developed much.

thong nai pain – our village on the opposite side of the island to the ferry port. It took an hour to get there over dirt roads but it was worth it. Our resort consisted of basic bungalows with just a fan and a a cold shower – a bargain at $15 a night.

i loved reading on our little deck.  a little warm water would’ve been nice, but staying right at the beach was pretty perfect. and using a mosquito net was kind of a romantic novelty (for the first hour).

kelly really loves her swings

the bungalows and some restaurants were right on the beach and at night they dug holes and put candles in them. during the day waves broke and went  right underneath a few restaurants’ tables.

the view from our bungalow

no tv. yeah, just like my apt in winnie.


our beach seemed almost private with just a few other guests. the first couple days the ocean was clear blue and flat as glass. then the waves picked up and were huge – we played around for hours.

there was an amazing hotel near ours that we investigated one day. it had multiple cascading pools, but was so well-designed that it blended right into the hillside.

tried a bit of muay thai kickboxing. got to learn some techniques from some tough thai bloke. Vicious sport, elbows, knees, kicks and punches.

i had the most amazing thai massage while huddy was boxing. there was a wonderful place that wasn’t sketchy like the majority of places in thailand. and it was only $7.

our last morning on the beach was a depressing one, hard to leave such a cool place. yeah, i(kelly) had to head to the beach one last time. we kept adding days to our kho phagnen visit and when we finally had to leave i was so sad. in a pretty pissy mood about, but then i remembered we still have cambodia, vietnam and india islands to lay around on.


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