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we flew into phuket from bangkok. then we took the bus ride from hell in a vain attempt to find our hotel. rain began pouring just as we landed and then the minibus claimed they hadn’t heard of our hotel and wanted to drop us in the middle of a traffic circle. after some craziness, we were dropped off at this piece of shit place located above a sketchy boot shop. although hudson claimed to have reserved a nice hotel for my birthday, i didn’t have much faith. after more craziness and walking in the rain we finally made it to our hotel. which was sooooooooo nice. thank god.

pretty beaches were everywhere. some were a bit crowded, but still nice.

pretty sunset taken during a walk around town over kata beach. we mostly ate from little food stands attached to mopeds. this is also where we discovered the deliciousness of thai pancakes. soo good.

for my birthday we rented a scooter and after a few laps around the block of practice we took off to explore…
dumb and dumber:

and dumberer:

you can just see the giant buddha in the distance.

I didn’t think our scooter would make it up the steep dirt roads to the highest point, but we finally go there.

i guess it’s a buddhist custom to hang these pretty bells and hearts in trees. i also saw them hanging off eaves at the grand palace in thailand.

a little snack on the side of the mountain at sunset.

we went out for cocktails since it was my birthday.

my giant cocktail cost almost as our entire seafood dinner. maybe i should have picked a classier food stall… but the food was great, and only $6 for everything.

no expense spared



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  1. Your palace outfit would definitely not be approved by Tara.

    • Tara, you are mean but really funny. luckily you would never be a guard because they have to wear really ugly outfits as well.

  2. Yes, that outfit makes you look like a disgruntled nurse trying to creep into a Palace. If I was gaurding the door I would not have let you in.

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