Can tho

February 26, 2010 at 2:07 pm | Posted in Vietnam | 1 Comment

Our next stop was can tho, one of the important towns in the mekong delta. We decided to visit some floating markets because they’re not as touristy as the ones around bangkok.

usually when we get off any mass transport we’re bombarded with a hoard of moto/tuk tuk/taxi drivers fighting for business. A rare sight – an orderly queue to offer moto services.

statue of ho chi minh -right outside our hotel.

an early start for the 8 hour round trip to see the floating markets. the sun wasn’t even up yet.

the floating market had loads of boats overflowing with fresh produce. many smaller boats, including ours, are driven by someone standing up. many of the locals also wore pointy, conical hats to keep off the sun.

the market was great to see, loads of boats with fruit and veg. These markets were obviously still an important part of peoples lives, no harris teeter around here.

some boats specialized in a particular produce, like this watermelon boat below. many of the boats also had guard dogs that would bark and freak out if another boat got too close – can’t be losing all your produce because of some river pirates.

our boat driver was hilarious. he bought a load of fruit for us to try and kept making me gifts of flowers and palm fronds – i think he liked blonde hair.

after checking out the markets, our driver took us through mekong canals and parts of the jungle. it was very secluded and the only humans we saw were some locals living in huts. they must not see much blonde hair because they loved mine and kept waving at us.

a relaxing return joiurney down the canals

a rice paddy – we saw these all over vietnam rural areas. the rice is tended to by hand and everyone wears the cone hats.

this is a banana.

this is a spider.

after walking through jungle where we saw jack fruit and star fruit trees, we hopped back on the boat and went to a small open air restaurant in the middle of nowhere. we had to pay for our driver’s meal, but our meals were delicious. i had some vietnemse duck dish and hudson had fish with rice paper and lots of other crazy ingredients. our driver found a snake in the canal and we played with it a bit. there were also turtles around and a few other creatures.


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  1. What a beautiful hair ornament for all that long blonde hair. The snake braid wrap could catch on everywhere.

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