ko russei

February 26, 2010 at 9:00 am | Posted in Cambodia | Leave a comment

Cambodia’s south coast has about 60 islands, though only a few of these are inhabitated. We decided to visit ko russei (bamboo island) for a few days. 

Due to cambodia only recently becoming a tourist destination, the island was very rustic with only 20 or so basic beach bungalows. You could walk from one side of the island to the other (where the beach was more a less deserted) in less than 15 minutes; the walk was through a jungle and scary at night, but fine during the day. In the next 10 years or so, these islands will become over-touristy like the thai islands so it was great to see the island in its infancy.

snorkelling around the islands
– actually just to get to ko russei, we had to jump aboard a snorkeling trip that went to a few different unihabited islands. we literally hopped off into the water at ko russei. it’s crazy they don’t even have a proper ferry to ko russei; i was scared the laptop was going to drown.

deserted beach was great to relax on

rustic little cabins. a few, including ours, had a “bathroom,” which meant a nonflushing toilet, no sink, and a hose-like shower. classy. i preferred to pee in the jungle to be honest. we had electricity for a couple hours each day.

view from our bungalow – you stepped down onto sand.
the whole thing reminded me of the book, “The Beach.” although we had a lovely stay and the whole deserted island thing was cool to experience, i could never live there indefinitely.

crazy starfish (and my ugly hat).

the bungalow wasn’t the most luxurious of places,but the hammock on the deck was nice.

cheesy sunset picture – definitely my new facebook photo. oh yeah, the island sometimes ran out of drinking water, but beer always seemed to be available.

pretty sunset on the west-facing, abandoned side of the island.


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