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After a night train, scary motorbike taxi and flight, we finally arrived in Hannoi on Tet, the Vietnamese New Year. It was also Valentine’s Day. Tet is similiar to Christmas Eve in the states and so most businesses were closed. luckily this cozy little restaurant that we loved was open so we didn’t starve. It was actually really nice to walk around a big city while the streets were empty. We stayed long enough to see all the businesses open and Hanoi back to it’s usual hustle.

our little street

 hanoi was cleaner than HCMC, but not by much. we still had a sighting of a woman using the bathroom in public – gross. We saw a lot of Hanoi by just walking around; there were some nice galleries and shops. The city had a nice feel to it.

happy tet 2010!

‘hanoi hilton’ – where john mccain was held captive during the war

we went to a water puppet show since they are meant to be iconic of Hanoi. A bit long, but cool to see.

my pal Huy who lives in HCMC warned us that we wouldn’t see any stray dogs in Hanoi (because the locals eat them). it was hard to find dog meat, although hudson was pretty determined. we did have a laugh at this sign though:

finally we found some in this shitty little town. a street stall had dog head, body and tail. after all this hunting around, hudson didn’t even try any. can’t say i blame him. who would you eat that head???

yeah, didn’t fancy eating a raw dogs head, would have loved it on the BBQ though

woof woof


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