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Sapa is a small town in northen vietnam that is up in the mountains and nearby to several village tribes. The views of terraced rice paddies and small village huts were beautiful despite the frequent and all-encompassing mist.

after the heat of south vietnam, Sapa felt absolutely freezing. hudson bought a coat and i looked so pitiful when we first arrived that a vietnamese girl let me borrow her coat. our hotel was nice except that the power kept cutting out – in the whole town, not just our hotel. as was usual in vietnam, the hot water wasn’t really hot at all. we had a lovely fireplace right in our room, but they only gave us wood at night. and it wasn’t just wood – they burn plastic and all sorts of rubbish in vietnam so after the guy started a fire in our room i had to pick out some laminated paper and stuff.

everday tribespeople came into town, mostly women and children, to buy stuff and sell crafts. each tribe has their own distinct colors and wardrobe. one tribe wore and sold a beautiful deep blue cloth; the color runs though and all of their skin was died blue. also, the girls and women had their legs showing and their legs looked frozen.

i wish i could have understood the language as everytime we didnt buy something we got an absolute slagging, im sure it would have been amusing

central craft market.

one day we went into a tribe village. the people were friendly and just going about their business. they were poor, living mostly in little shacks and hovels and raising small crops.

there was a very high, rickety bridge with holes big enough for my leg to fit through.

the tribespeople use the waterfall to power some simple levers, although we really couldn’t make out the point of the levers – possibly to crush grain or something.

sapa was very pretty and peaceful.


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