Motorbike diary – part 2

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One of the many villages that we passed through, the people here were so friendly and were all curious when we stopped by. the children were curious, but a bit shy – they kind of treated us like exotic animals. they all eventually came up to play with us, except for one little boy who ran back to his mother.

the kids were great. notice how the little girls had to take care of the babies. the babies were so cute, but in a sad, sad way – they looked like little people (rather than chubby babes) because they were so skinny.

Tad katamtok (too big to jump off of)

this snake was just in the middle of the road

some of the roads were crazy and filled with potholes. I(hudson) only ran into 2 (i’m quite impressed with that) but we were lucky not to get a puncture as they were huge. yeah, I(kjelly) was on the back of the bike with a huge backpack and terrified every time I noticed we were headed for a giant pot hole. we saw a few locals pushing their bikes b/c of flat tires.

can’t remember the name of this one, but it was really pretty with lots of green. was a little bit touristy in that there was a path leading to the bottom and a few people around.

The highest waterfall – Tad fane

This waterfall had a raft so you could pull yourself across to the other side. you can barely see us underneath the falls – there was a bit of land to stand on. maybe because it was nearly dusk, but the water here was freezing, especially when we took the raft underneath the falls.

crossing the river involved us taking a “ferry” – well 2 little boats with a plank in between. we had to lug the damn bike on this ramshackle ferry, which was a little scary.

the remains of wat phu, which was part of the khmer empire built in the early 10th century. climbing to the top was a real pain.

although nowhere near the size of angkor wat, the architecture was pretty amazing

a crocadile carving in stone. there were also some cool buddhist carving and bas-reliefs.


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