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Waiting for the train in 45 degree heat (110 degree + heat)

Our next stop was Jaipur. After spending three days in the desert eating pretty lacklustre meals we needed to stock up. first stop: pizza hut. (kelly: i’ve never been so excited to eat at pizza hut).

The east gate to the old city. Jaipur is nicknamed the pink city because of the stone used in most of the buildings. in fact, if someone wants to build a structure in old city, they must pay a huge fine if they don’t use the pink stone (there were no non-pink buildings).

a side wall of the city palace. i really enjoyed the architecture used in the majority of indian palaces and temples.

Jantar Mantar – an astronomical observatory with some crazy geometrical devices used to calculate time, predict eclipses, ascertain the declination of planets and make various other calculations.

Hawa Mahal – part of the city palace. This was built with loads of discreet windows so that the women in the palace could look down and have a nose about the streets without being seen.

A cobra. i felt guilty for having this  picture taken as the snake had been defanged by people so it could be handled. To be honest though, probably best it didn’t have its fangs.

On the way upto the sun temple, there was hundreds of monkeys. Kelly bought some nuts and they couldn’t wait to get them. yes, one alpha monkey ended up chasing me and i had to nail the whole bag at him to avoid being attacked. thanks to the indian guy who sold me the nuts.

Sun temple –  The locals here were pretty uncompromising: they asked for a donation (to shiva the hindu god) – i dropped it on the plate and then one of the children said how much i’d put in and i was asked quite aggressively for more. We made a sharp one and i managed to keep my cheapskate reputation in tact. yeah, i wish i had thrown the nuts on those annoying women.

view over Jaipur

The palaces in the middle of the lakes (when they weren’t dried up) were really cool

the multi-coloured spices on display at the bazaars

you couldn’t walk past all these chillis without sneezing.

hudson (and i a little bit) tried some street food hear. we avoid it a bit in india because of horror stories we’ve heard, but we came across a non-meat place with weird pastries,etc. the indian guys had a laugh watching our reactions and were really kind. one guy even gave us some water – too bad the indian water is really polluted and he gave it to us in a rusty pail. well, it’s the thought that counts.


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