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Our next stop after mumbai was the beautiful city of udaipur. The city is centered around a lake. We found out that this dries up in the summer time and then refills during monsoon season. Even though the lakes weren’t full you could still appreciated the palaces.

Udaipur had its fair share of roof top restaurants, it was really cool to eat on the roofs. the rooftop views were so beautiful at night as well are during the day. udaipur is called “the white city” because so much of the archetecture is a bright white as if bleached by the sun.

one night when we were having a beer on a roof, the indian manager struck up a convo with us (turns out he was drinking a glass of straight vodka). anyways, it’s a bit too long to type, but he ended up telling us all about castes, arranged marriages vs love marriages, jobs and general life in india. v interesting. he made me realize just how screwed the women are here, but he also made me see arranged marriages in a better light that i had before.

there were loads of little alleyways here. The cows (being protected by religion) just wander round. No beef curries or burgers in india; even macdonalds only serves chicken. their biggest seller was the chicken maharaja mac.

the alleys were lovely to get lost in, except that every once in a while someone would throw rubbish and old food into the streets from windows above. at least it gave the cows and bulls something to eat.

Jagdish temple. townspeople were constantly coming here to pray and give offerings. there was even quite a bustle going on late at night when the temple was lit up by lights.

the temple’s archetecture reminded me of drippy sand castles.

the beautiful lake palace hotel. it was crazy to see a palace rising up from the middle of a lake.

Udaipur was used as one of the main locations in the James Bond movie, Octopussy. A lot of the rooftop restaurants played this movie at night. We went into one of these and the waiter was reluctant to play the movie until kelly (being a huge james bond fan) insisted. I did feel sorry for the guy, he told us that he’d had to watch it every day for 14 years. Could be worse, could of been a sandra bullock  movie.
hudson = liar.

hudson’s lounging around in a pretty alcove of a restaurant that overlooked the lake and hotel. we wanted to go the hotel for a meal, but it was outrageously priced. i wanted to sneak in, but it would have involved stealing a boat or a long swim.

an auto-rickshaw is the most common form of public transport in most of india. These guys can be annoying whenever you get off a bus or train. We were constantly telling them we didn’t want to go to their hotel (where they got commission) or visit a shop (where they got commission).

a rare bit of greenery. This garden was really relaxing and included some pretty fountains and landscaping.

one of the dried up lakes with a palace in the middle of it.

the turbanator


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  1. Hudson’s lounging picture is wonderful. He looks like a king relaxing in his castle waiting for his harem girls to entertain him

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