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So, the trip is nearly over, but not without a last stop in Dallas (we had to stop through fliht-wise, but were excited to see texas briefly). We were only here for one day and we didn’t really do much except for get lost and accumulate over $20 worth of toll charges. It seemed like every road we went on was a toll, so getting lost and travelling up the same road 4 times wasn’t the smartest move.

This was my first taste of texas, and we both really wanted to try mexican food from texas. it was ok but im sure it’s better in mexico. As far as the city goes, it was just a big american city with nothing really that special to offer. agreed. my thoughts on dallas: why didn’t we just stay in hawaii?

Dallas’ biggest claim to fame is unfortunately the place where JFK was shot. The book depository where Lee Harvey Oswald took the shot has now been turned into a museum celebrating his life in office and also looking at the assassination and the investigation afterwards. It was interesting to see that the museum did recognise the conspiracy theories and gave arguments for and against. yep, the museum was really well done and the highlight of dallas in my opinion (oh, minus seeing my pals of course).

Some of the buildings were cool to look at. Dallas was used as the setting for a few classic 80’s movies because of the futuristic look of some of the buildings. hudson really enjoyed taking loads of pics of this one building that was in an arnie film. i didn’t get it. (actually it was robocop)

The book depository

The infamous grassy knoll

Well, the trip is over. can’t say we went out on a bang with dallas, more of a dud. at least it made us eager to get to D.C.??? bye-bye trip. bye-bye dirty clothes. bye-bye sketchy toilets. bye-bye exotic beers. bye-bye exotic fluffsters. bye-bye lonely planet. bye-bye blog.


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